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BY FableticsEU

2016 has started off pretty strong. On January 9th we were invited to fly out to Amsterdam to be part of Fashion Week’s Off-Schedule programme. We co-hosted an event at the infamous Hoxton Hotel that opened its doors on the beautiful Herengracht in Amsterdam last summer. The event presented a great mixture of Fashion & Health activities, very true to the core elements of our brand.


We organised two exclusive yoga classes, taught by our beautiful master Anna Wisniewska who used her calming presence, incredible yoga skills and mellow music to guide us into an amazing yoga experience. The spots for the yoga classes were pretty exclusive as it was only possible to be part of the class by entering our sweepstake. The lucky winners received not only a free yoga class, but also a complementary Fabletics outfit – so they were ready to work out in style!

The Fashion & Health event sold out quickly with guests varying from fashion and fitness enthusiast, to sports bloggers, professionals and press. They looked fantastic in our Fabletics gear, if we may say so ourselves:


guests and winners

Another one of our amazingly talented masters, Michelle from Michelle’s Good Food, was in the kitchen to educate us on healthy food and provided us with practical information on how to implement a healthy diet in our busy, daily lives. She gave us general tips, debunked healthy diet myths and answered questions from the audience. We learned a lot that day! She even made delicious banana-oatmeal muffins topped with some yummy cottage cheese in her live-cooking class. It took less than 15 minutes (including oven time) to make and she only used 5 ingredients! We even got to taste these amazing healthy little treats as Michelle made sure she baked plenty for everyone in advance. They were so good.




In the room across from the yoga class, Oolaboo gave a workshop on Inner and Outer Beauty. Oolaboo is a beauty brand that develops its products based on scientific insights and quality ingredients aimed to nurture our skin, hair and health.  In the final room you could find FitDutchies; a group of bloggers that started an online group with friends that quickly transformed in an active community of people sharing their journey to get and stay fit. Their goal is to help others reach their fitness goals with inspirational blogs about food, health and activewear fashion.

All in all it was a great day filled with people who all share a passion for living a healthy, active lifestyle and looking great doing it – very Fabletics!


Photo credits: Fabian Calis Photography


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