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2016 is here and if you haven’t noticed already, I’m all about New Year resolutions! The Fabletics team and I sat down to write some resolutions of our own. Our greatest goal for this year is to build and inspire our community of women. Since our company started, we’ve grown such a strong community that embraces all types of active women.  In order to put this experience into words, my team and I created a philosophy that we hope will continue to motivate others—“Live Your Passion.”

Living your passion means doing what you love, whether that is competing in iron (wo)men competitions, sweating it up in the studio or chasing after your kids. I believe that all women are athletes, which is why we design activewear to make your chaotic lives just a little bit easier.

Firm expectations of specific outcomes from your New Years resolution are hard to live by. We’re still human, prone to slip-ups so sometimes need some extra help. Together with our Fabletics Masters, we’ve created a plan to keep you motivated, whatever your goals might be. Fitness, Healthy Eating and Wellbeing are all areas that support a centred lifestyle and help you accomplish your goals.

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Our mantra is such an important resolution for me that I added it to the top of my list (sorry, kids!). I think it’s a great way to put all of your dreams and intentions into motion, even those that go beyond the gym. In order to commit to this goal, I plan on writing a list at the beginning of each week about something that I want to do for myself—something that makes me happy or helps me to achieve some of my goals. If there’s a big project you’ve been too busy to focus on, even an hour a week will help you feel like you’re taking control of your life. I’d love for you all to make this your best and most fulfilling year yet. I hope our mantra influences your life in immeasurable ways.

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