Barre Workouts- the perfect fit for isometric exercises

BY FableticsEU

Just because you’re heading to the gym doesn’t mean you don’t want to look pulled together. We love the chic transition from gym to life. And there are certain workouts and classes that gives us even more motivation to look our best. Not a Prima Ballerina look but pretty close. The thin line between work out and hang out is perfectly blended in our beloved Barre classes.

The sport has become very sought-after and very popular- not just in Hollywood. Let’s have a closer look at this routine that supposedly gives you the long, lean lines of a “dancer’s body.”

Barre workouts are intensely focused on improving core strength, toning muscles of the shoulder and hip girdles, improving flexibility and aiming for isometric exercises and small movements to target muscles at a specific angle within a given range of motion. Find a great list of Barre-inspired workouts from our Master Keely Ahrold here.

The result is tightening, toning, and improved posture, so the notion of a dancer’s body is not far-fetched.

A relaxed silhouette as seen in our Yogi Capri fits perfectly as it is cropped for full range of motion.

Barre routines are not a walk in the park. In the classes you will work muscles differently than your standard workout. You aren’t moving steadily through a whole range of motion, like you would when performing a standard squat or lunge. Instead, you might squat down to your specific level, and hold the position, then begin moving just slightly up and down to further stress the muscles at that specific joint angle, then you might change your position ever so slightly and do it all over. Your legs will shake, you’ll have a hard time controlling your breathing and you will be close to call it quits. Then you realise the beauty of the environment, the elegance and softness of the routine that makes this practise so much fun. Embrace your inner ballerina and find your barre-inspired workout gear.

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